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The Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Pain Relief for: herniated disc, sciatic nerve pain, cervical spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis pain, scoliosis pain, eases fibromyalgia symptoms, reduces headaches

Respiratory System:  Improves lung function, Helps clear your sinuses, Easier breathing

Circulatory System: Improves circulation, Improves Heart Function, Alleviates Vericose Veins

Digestive & Immune System: Aids Digestion, Improves Lymphatic System Function, Boosts Immune System, Revitalizes Internal Organs

Physical Fitness: Improves Posture, Improves Flexibility, Improves Joint Health, Realigns the Spine after workouts, Speeds Up Recovery after workouts, Stronger Ligaments, Improves Sleep Quality, Decreases Fatigue & Increases Energy, Gain/Regain Height

Mental Health: Reduces Stress, Helps Keep You Alert, Helps with Depression/Mood Swings/SAD, Boosts Creative Thinking, Reduces PMS Symptoms

Cosmetic: Improves Physical Appearance, Anti-Aging Effects

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